Care Like Jesus

We know that sometimes we want to care for people around us but we are at a loss of how to do that. Below we have provided you with some ideas of how to care for people like Jesus might if He were physically here today. Most of the things below are either explained or have a link to contact the organization. There are few that will ask you email for more information.

We also would ask that you send us a short video telling us how this project impacted you. Any pictures would be great as well. We would like to use a few of the videos and pictures on Jan. 29th, so we will need any submissions by Jan. 23. You can submit pictures, videos and stories to

  • Care bags for the homeless

    Have you ever wanted to give that person on the corner with the sign something but didn't know what to give them. Why not make up some bags with essential items and keep them in your car. Then the next time you have the opportunity you can give them a care bag. Here is a short helpful blog on what you might include in a care bag.

  • Free yard work in your neighborhood

    Take a walk through your neighborhood and offer to help/do someone's yard work. It doesn't have to be a house that is over grown. Maybe it is raking leaves or mowing the grass or whatever. Take that off of someone's to do list.

  • Care for people at the hospital

    Go to a local hospital and find a waiting room (surgery waiting, out patient waiting, ER, etc.). Take some simple snacks with you and share them with the people there.

  • Care for those that care for us

    Take breakfast or lunch or just some nice snacks to a school for the teachers. Or maybe take some things to our first responders. You might want to call ahead and find out about how many people you need to plan for and where and when you need to drop it off.

  • San Antonio Food bank

    There are many way to serve the people of San Antonio through the food bank. Everything from sorting food to cleaning things that have come in. You can email them at or you can go to their website and sing up for a time to come and volunteer.

  • Backpack of food for a local child

    Believer it or not there are kids in our local schools that only eat when they are at school. There are ways to help them have food over the weekend and summer. Check out these websites for ideas and contact information on how to do that. -

  • Habitat for humanity

    Habitat is an organization that helps build homes for people that could not afford a home any other way. There are many ways to help with this organization. Everything from helping build homes to working in their warehouse. Check out for ways to sign up to volunteer.

  • RACAP our local foodbank

    Although RACAP is only open a few hours a week there are many ways to help them meet the needs of people in community. You can check out their website for info on how volunteer or maybe you could organize a food drive at your office or in your neighborhood. Or you can email for more info.

  • Schertz senior center

    Many seniors in our area need help with small and sometimes big projects at their home. We have a list of things that you can do to help them out. Please email to get details about helping with the Schertz Senior Center.

  • Haven for Hope

    Haven for hope is local homeless shelter. There are many ways to volunteer with this great organization. You can email them at or you can call (210) 220-2132 during normal business hours.

  • His Bridge - Inner city ministry

    His bridge give people the chance to go in and really have an impact on the inner city of San Antonio. Please email for more info on how to volunteer with His Bridge.

  • Foster a Highway

    Maybe you know of a stretch of road in here in the area that needs to be cleaned up but don't want to make the commitment to adopt a highway. So why not just foster a highway and go clean it up one time. Remember to be safe.

  • Anything else you can think of

    This list is not exhaustive so if you have an idea go for it. The important thing is to Care Like Jesus.