Double Dog DAre-a-thon

has started!

(at your house)

How to Register:

  1. Pick a Team Name.
  2. Take a Team Photo.
  3. Email the Team Photo, Team Name, and Number of regular Fusion56 attenders and number of guests at your party to dave+DDD@crosspoint247.com. Please include the hour you will attend tomorrow (9:30 or 11:00) as well as the team name in the SUBJECT.

AFTER you have emailed your team name & picture,

Click here for the First Dare

If you are bringing any friends who are new to Crosspoint, please print this Registration Form. Then complete it for them & bring it Sunday morning-it will save you time!

Note that all Dare photos must be submitted by 9:00pm on April 28th to be considered.

Dare photos will all be emailed to dave+DDD@crosspoint247.com and the emails should include the # of the dare, your team name, and the service you will attend Sunday (9:30 or 11:00).

Winners will be announced and the party will continue on

Sunday, April 29th at 9:30 or 11:00am (at Crosspoint Fellowship Church)