A Letter from our lead pastor

Our Warehouse needs a facelift, our Children's Ministry needs a division and our ClubHouse needs an expansion. Every area of Children's Ministry needs better environments  to enhance the ministry to our children. 

One of the fastest growing ministries at Crosspoint is with our Children's Ministry. The time for us to overcome the bottleneck of space constraints is now. What is just as exciting as providing fresh ministry environments is taking a ministry that currently has K - 4th grade and giving it along awaited divide. Having dedicated ministry environments for K - 2nd as well as 3rd - 4th will allow us to tailor the programs and make the experience for everyone so much better. 

When asking a simple question of why we would embark on this endeavor the answer is a vision. "For Their Future." The number one reason adults return to church after being away is for their kids. The driving force3 for adults to try church for the first time happens after they have a child and they are willing to try church, "For their Future."

Adults would say it's for the future of their kids, but it's not just the kids who benefit. The whole family benefits. When coming up with a theme for our campaign we wanted one that spanned across multiple generations. We knew future kids, current kids and even adults who either bring kids or as we've discovered countless times, their kids bring them; all generations benefit. "Future generations will hear about the wonders of the Lord." Psalm 22:30 NLT

I'm asking you to pray about how God might have you support "For Their Future." It's going to take some major support. We will need several people to make a huge financial contribution and we will need dozens of people making smaller donations. We can do this project as a church without going into debt. 

We all have the same starting place. Start with prayer. Don't be afraid to pray about what God would have you do. When we are faithful  to Him, He is faithful to us. God has given us all so much and every Believer in Jesus will receive more than we ever deserve when we enter into eternity. 

"For Their Future" is a great time and way to advance what our church already does well - loving on all generations. I assure you, Cheryl and I are making a significant contribution to this. Our youngest child will graduate from high school this year and for all but the first two years of her life Crosspoint has poured into her. It's been a great partnership for what we've done at home with both our kids and what Crosspoint has done to teach timeless principles that will strengthen their faith for the rest of their days. I'm praying God will use what the people of Crosspoint five "For Their Future" to cause amazing transformation beyond what any of us can currently imagine. 

Pastor Wil

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