Merge Student Ministry 

Our Mission

We want Students to feel like Merge is a place they belong. We want to encourage students to experience God, grow their faith, and impact their world. 

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Our Partnership

Parenting is hard. Parenting students is impossible alone.  We want to walk with you through the difficult times and celebrate the wins, as we partner with you in the spiritual development of your student.

Merge Sunday & Unight Wednesday

will not be gathering onsite at this time.


Merge Online 


7th-12th grade

Merge online is an Open Life Church video teaching series with parent question resource that can be used at home during this time that we are unable to meet on Sunday or Wednesday. 


Merge Online Current series - Fear & Anxiety

A Switch Students series by Open Life Church  

Fear and anxiety. Two very real and very difficult struggles that are plaguing young people today. In this series, we're exploring the relationship between fear and anxiety and we are giving students practical tools to experience God’s peace and power in the middle of it all. This is such an important conversation because teenagers today are more anxious than ever. Our goal is to approach this topic with as much empathy and understanding as possible by making sure we acknowledge the differences between fear and anxiety. 


Part 1 - Wrecked

Video Teaching            Parent resource


Part 2 - Head Games - Escape Fear

Video Teaching           Parent resource


Part 3 - Does God Care about My Anxiety?

Video Teaching           Parent resource


Part 4 - Suffering Sucks

Video Teaching         Parent resource


YouVersion Bible Devotional 



Unight Live


7th-12th grade

Unight live via Zoom on Wednesday at 7:00pm.  There will be prizes, games, lesson and small group discussion. Login info will be provided via text updates.  If you or your student is not signed up for text updates you can sign up by texting “mergeparent” to 210-405-1950 and students can sign up by texting “mergestudent” to 210-405-1950.

Unight Live via Zoom @ 7:00pm Wednesday

We’re all making decisions now that can affect our laters—our futures—whether we like it or not and whether we realize it or not. And while many of us may get this intuitively, there’s often a competing idea that what we do now doesn’t really matter in the long run. That’s why, in this series, we'll be looking at the secret behind good decision-making: wisdom. Through the wisdom found in Proverbs, we will learn what it looks like to apply wisdom to our everyday decisions NOW, which can lead us to a better life and a better future LATER. 



Parent Resource


YouVersion Bible Devotional