Merge Student Ministry

Our Mission

We want Students to feel like Merge is a place they belong. We want to encourage students to experience God, grow their faith, and impact their world. 

Our Partnership

Parenting is hard. Parenting students is impossible alone.  We want to walk with you through the difficult times and celebrate the wins, as we partner with you in the spiritual development of your student.

To receive text updates:

Text "mergeparent" or "mergestudent" to 210-405-1950

Merge Sunday 


6th-12th grade


Sunday @ 9:30 & 11am



Sunday at 9:30 am and 11 am, we have a time where Students can worship, learn about what God's word says, how to apply it to their lives, and how to grow in their relationship with God.  

Unight Wednesday


6th-12th grade


6th-8th @ 6-7:30 and 9th-12th @ 7:30-9:00



Students will gather for a fun evening where we discuss topics relevant to them. Students learn how God wants them to live and how He wants them to impact their world. There are prizes, a lesson and hangout time.




Merge Sunday

6th-12 Grade



Jesus Parables 2021

This year we will be walking your students through the Parables in the bible. As we share Jesus' stories with them, your students will find out, even though it was years ago, He told them in a way where it's still relvant to them today. With this, they will be able to grow with excitement and walk away with hope. 





June Parables:

June20th- Live Stream

June 27th-Lowest Seat at the Feet

                  Luke 14: 7-14

UNight Wednesday

Jr. High  6th-8th Gd.



Series starting April 21st- Do Something

With all the things we see and hear in the news about injustice, it's easy to get frustrated and wish someone would just fix things. That someone would do something about it! The truth is, God is doing something about injustice through His followers! In this series, we're focusing on the importance of seeing injustice, remembering we're not alone if we're enduring it, and ultimately being Jesus followers who join His work in doing something!


UNight Wednesday 

High School 9th-12th Gd. 



Series starting April 21st- Do Something

The teen years are often a time when exposure to the good and bad of the world begins to be processed in a more personal way. For some, the injustice around the world is overwhelming and difficult to process. Remember, some teens are seeing injustice for the first time while others have experienced it firsthand in their personal lives. Regardless of their previous or current experience, providing a safe place for teens to feel big emotions and think unconventional thoughts is important as teens discover their unique role with injustice.