The most important thing every infant, toddler and preschooler needs is LOVE. Experts agree the most formative years are the early childhood years. That is why we’ve provided a safe and loving place for God's love to be discovered.

In The ClubHouse, we are committed to partnering with parents to invest love in the precious hearts of their young children. There is a perfect love that every child can experience and it's the love of GOD.

We have dedicated volunteers who communicate over and over again that God loves us no matter what. It is our goal that every preschooler we love on will come to know God's love in a very real and unforgettable way.

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We’ve created an atmosphere and environment where kids love to learn about Jesus. Our kids have such a good time that we hear over and over how they beg their parents to bring them back. We go the extra mile to make sure each week is exciting and helpful.


Our high energy weekly program is an hour full of creative teaching, drama, video and awesome music. We want kids to know Jesus and realize he wants a relationship with them. Each week they learn how to improve their faith and develop character.

Bring your kids, K-2nd grade, this Sunday and let them have a BLAST at church! The LightHouse is where kids love to make friends and experience the best hour of their week.

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This is our ministry that helps 3rd - 4th graders not just learn about God and the Bible but to also put the truths they are learning into practice.

Their environment includes games, videos, and activities that get kids moving and thinking! It's an actiion packed hour that leaves kids wanting more. It also helps them navigate life with a solid faith foundation.

As Bible truths come to life, kids begin to understand that God has a plan for them and they are a part of His big story! As they make friends and talk about faith together, they also understand they don't need to walk the journey alone. 


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This is our pre-teen ministry for forming a strong foundation in 5th - 6th graders so they develop a great character and a strong faith in Christ.

Their environment is fun and exciting with a social/game area, as well as a learning area. This is a critical time when pre-teens are beginning to develop their own identities and their own faith. In this time of discovery, we want to help them make the best choices in every area of their lives.

When we can teach pre-teens about living a life full of joy, they take their actions and their attitudes and fuse them with faith.  Then they can change their world! We look forward to seeing your pre-teen in OutPost56! 


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We want Students to feel like Merge is a place they belong. We want to encourage students to experience God, grow their faith, and impact their world. 

Merge Sunday

7th-12th grade

Every Sunday at 9:30 am and 11 am, we have a time where Students can worship, learn about what God's word says, how to apply it to their lives, and how to grow in their relationship with God.  

UNIGHT Wednesday

7th-8th Grade: 6 - 7:30 pm

9th-12th grade: 7:30 - 9 pm

Students gather for a fun evening where they discuss topics relevant

to them.  Students learn how God wants them to live and how He

wants them to impact their world.

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Merge by texting "Mergeparent" to 210-405-1950




Forge believes that true manhood begins with a personal relationship with God the Father. It flourishes and grows in environments of interpersonal relationships involving family, friends, and others.


At Crosspoint Fellowship Church, we believe God wants to develop every man to be solid. God wants us to dream. At Crosspoint, we help men to identify a vision for their lives and then create a reasonable pathway to it. Men become accountable to each other to not lose focus or give up. 


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BLING (Be Loving Inspiring Nurturing Girls) 


The BLING Women's Ministry is a great place to build and strengthen relationships with God and our relationships with others. BLING does this through Bible Studies and many other special events. 


Stay up to date with all Bling events on our Facebook and Instagram page. You don't want to miss out on being part of Bling!


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We simply want to offer an easy way to bring people together! We believe God created us to live in community with others and only then can we experience the full life He intends for us to have.

Our win is to create community in small groups through the acts of share, prayer, and care. 

We believe life change happens in the context of relationships.
Community matters. Our small groups are how we ensure our people are cared for and connected in meaningful community. Each small group leader can host a group based on their passions, interests or hobbies. For us, it’s less about what people do when they meet and more about everyone connecting to a larger story through genuine relationships within the local church.

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